Can we help support your online presence?

In the image slider above, you can view a selection of websites that have been developed to help support and raise awareness for our natural world.  We plan to use the skills and experience we have to share with other NOT-for-Profit organisations.  Lucky Eleven provides a web design and search engine optimisation service, for those that are looking for a modern online presence. Designing and programming websites can be costly and time consuming. Users are also interacting with the world wide web using a variety of VDU formats in modern times.

We will listen, learn and advise. Any expenditure will be kept low and we offer a commitment to help enhance your own online presence. Below you can find some brief summaries regarding how we can help. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us here at Lucky Eleven.

Value For Money

Tailored to meet your own needs and budget.  Any costs relate to Set Up, Domain, Hosting & Software.


Search Engines index millions of websites.  We can help optimize your website to help users find your website during searches.

Google - Birdwatching Sites

Web Host

Are you looking for a reliable server to host your website?  Protected by firewalls, anti-virus and backed-up regularly?

Domains - Lucky Eleven Web Design



We develop websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS).  This ensures users can add new content and maintain their content without the need for previous web programming skills.

CMS - WordPress - Lucky Eleven


Managing websites can be unfamiliar for those without prior experience.  We can provide training and help answer your questions.  We will guide you, so you can easily add and edit content at you own pace.

Support and Training - Lucky Eleven


To ensure your website remains secure and functions correctly we will help you to update any Plugins software that help provide your website with modern features and deliver advanced functionality.

Plugins - Lucky Eleven Web Design